The past is just a story we tell ourselves.

For Wendy

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i think a lot of people inherently have something within them

that makes them want to position themselves to be seen as superior to others

a lot of people claiming to be activists, or wanting to take a stand on an issue, are often using that position to simply shame others around them, and therefore make themselves look superior

i get that there are bad, malicious, hateful, repulsive people out there

but when your whole focus is on demeaning them, it’s just a way of expressing your own power to oppress others, regardless of whether it is deserved, it simply shows how strong your ability in regards to oppression is

so, when you’re a white person, constantly pointing out the flaws and mistakes and anger in other white people, it doesn’t somehow make you better than they are, it only shows to others what has been evident for thousands of years, yes, you are very good at making others look bad, you’ve been doing it to every other race and now you think it’s trendy to be cannibalistic

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